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NitroGirlz Beach Trip

Publié: 30 juillet 2014 dans Voiture rc

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That jut of rock you see? Yup...we were there.

So, yeah we went there again.  The morning after we got back from Palos Verdes for the NitroPlanes and NitroRCX media outing, I was just chatting a bit with one of my coworkers.  That coworker happened to be the director in charge of NitroGirlz content.  We started on the topic of our trip to the peninsula and after seeing some of the pictures we took, he was dead set on doing a NitroGirlz shoot there.  And a couple weeks later, that’s exactly what we did.  Luckily, that also meant that I was going to document the entire trip for your reading pleasure!


Learning from past experience, and being the gentleman that I am, I made sure to notify the girls to bring shoes just in case, since there were some places where the paths were a bit rough.  It turned out though that these girls are tougher than they look!  They stayed in their sandals all day and had no problems with the rocks that we had to climb over.

Roll reversal?

When we got there the girls were thrilled!  Everyone almost instantly forgot about work and starting taking some personal pics on their phones and personal cameras as well as asking the photographers to take some pics and sent them back their way! When we got to work, the girls were of course, just as excited.  One of our brave NitroGirlz even (despite our concerns and warnings I have to say) took to sitting on the edge of a cliff so we could get some good pics.  This is no photoshop or camera tricks…it’s the real thing ladies and gentlemen.

So brave! 2

Of course, we visited all the pristine locals of the penninsula and got some great official shots for you NitroGirlz fans!  They’ll be posted on the NitroGirlz Facebook Fanpage once released (if not already), so be sure to check in on and like that page!  As always, I’ll be posting some behind the scenes pics and you can see them in this gallery.  Enjoy the pics and see you around next post!

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